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Grant Application

Grant Requirements

  1. Grants must improve and support the education experience of students of the WDMCS.
  2. Proposals may be submitted by teachers of the WDMCS and must be approved by a school administrator prior to submitting.
  3. If funded, grant equipment, materials, and ideas become the property of the WDMCS.  Equipment and software must be compatible with the district’s systems and follow the district’s use policy.
  4. A final report of the program, including expenditures and receipts must be submitted by June 30. The final report form may be found on the WDMCS Foundation website at  Upon final report, any unallocated or unspent funds are required to be returned to the WDMCS Foundation for redistribution.
  5. In order to support the WDMCS Foundation’s Mission, grant recipients may be asked by the WDMCS Foundation Board to develop exhibit material and/or give presentations, on a voluntary basis, to the public relating to their grant program.

As the applicant, I have reviewed the above grant application and the grant requirements with a school or district administrator and s/he recommends approval.  I understand that I may be contacted for further information by the WDMCS Foundation Grant Review Committee.

Typed name implies agreement.