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Teacher Grant Criteria Guidelines, Requirements and Procedures

Grant Criteria Guidelines
  1. Reflects the mission of the WDMCS Foundation
  2. Promotes collaboration and good will within and beyond the district
  3. Aligns with the district’s strategic plan
  4. Benefits a significant portion of the student population
  5. Enhances a positive impact on student learning
  6. Sustains the legacy of the WDMCS and larger community
  7. Achieves measurable results
  8. Represents non-recurring expenses
  9. Demonstrates effort to obtain alternative funding options
Grant Requirements
  1. Grants must improve and support the education experience of students of the WDMCS.
  2. Proposals may be submitted by teachers of the WDMCS and must be approved by a school administrator prior to submitting.
  3. If funded, grant equipment, materials, and ideas become the property of the WDMCS.  Equipment and software must be compatible with the district’s systems and follow the district’s use policy.
  4. A final report of the program, including expenditures and receipts must be submitted by June 30. The final report form may be found on the WDMCS Foundation website at  Upon final report, any unallocated or unspent funds are required to be returned to the WDMCS Foundation for redistribution.
  5. In order to support the WDMCS Foundation’s Mission, grant recipients may be asked by the WDMCS Foundation Board to develop exhibit material and/or give presentations, on a voluntary basis, to the public relating to their grant program.
Application Procedures
  1. Complete a WDMCS Foundation Grant Application.  The Grant Application may be found on the Foundation website at
  2. Grant applications may be submitted at any time during the academic year.  The WDMCS Foundation Board Grant Review Committee will review grants twice per academic year.  Grants will be voted on by the WDMCS Foundation Board in the months of October and February. Funds will be made available upon notification of approval by the WDMCS Foundation.
  3. Grant applications and necessary attachments must be submitted online at the website or by email to the WDMCS Foundation at

Questions regarding the grant process should be directed to the Board Grant Review Committee, at

Grant Process and Procedures

  1. West Des Moines Community Schools (“WDMCS”) teachers will be informed of WDMCS Foundation grant funding opportunities.  The WDMCS Foundation will be promoted through Board presentations, school administration, website, community, alumni and affiliates.
  2. An online application found on the WDMCS Foundation website will be completed and submitted online by a teacher with school administrator approval.
  3. The appointed member of the Grant Review Committee will collect all the grant applications. 
  4. In the months of September and January the appointed member of the Grant Review Committee will submit the applications to the WDMCS Superintendent for comments and review.  Any applications that are not in support with the district’s strategic plan will be removed from review at this time.  All other applications will go to committee review. 
  5. The WDMCS Foundation Grant Review Committee
    • Will meet the third week in the months of September and January.
    • Will review applications and take into consideration the Grant Criteria and Requirements that have been established by the WDMCS Foundation. 
    • Will recommend approval or denial of funding specific to each grant application. 
    • Will electronically submit two summarized lists of grant requests to the WDMCS Foundation Board President by the end of September and January. 
    • 1) Recommended for approval, and 2)Not Recommended for approval.
  6. The WDMCS Foundation President or designee will send the summarized lists of grant requests to WDMCS Foundation Board members, along with Board Meeting agenda, for meetings in November and February.
  7. The WDMCS Foundation will appoint Board Members to present the teachers with a check from the Foundation.  This will allow the teacher to be recognized for the innovation of their program. 
  8. As outlined in the grant requirements, the teacher who received grant funding will submit a final report of their program by June 30. The report will be electronically submitted to an appointed member of the Grant Review Committee.
  9. The appointed member of the Grant Review Committee will keep a history of grant approvals for future review