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Our Schools

For more than 100 years, West Des Moines Community Schools (WDMCS) has been preparing learners for life. 

Student Profile

  • Enrollment: 9,230

    (ratios based on certified enrollment)

  • Special Education Enrollment: 904

    one in ten students has an IEP

  • Free/Reduced Lunch: 3,096

    one in three students lives in poverty

  • English Learners: 1,339

    one in 10 students is an English Learner

  • Minority Enrollment: 3,184

    one in three full-time students identifies as an ethnicity other than white

  • At-Risk: 1.037

    one in 10 students is identified as being At-Risk

  • Extended Learning Program: 648

    one in 14 students is in the ELP program

  • Title I: 170

    one in 50 students receives Title I math or reading services

Student-to-Staff Ratios*

Elementary: 25:1

Junior High: 13:1

High School: 15:1

*depending on class subject- relative to min./max. course enrollment

Did you know?

  • Valley High School alone offers more than 190 courses that allow students to discover their passions.
  • Students begin learning Spanish in fourth grade, and our high school offers more foreign languages than nearly any other school in Iowa.
  • Students can play in an orchestra starting in fourth grade; band starts in fifth grade.
  • WDMCS is one of the first districts in Iowa to implement Project Lead the Way elements throughout the district.

Ninth largest district in the state of Iowa - 13 Schools

5 serving preschool-grade 6
3 serving grades K-6

Junior High Schools
2 serving grades 7-8

High School
1 serving grade 9
1 serving grades 10-12
1 alternative serving grades 9-12