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Student Support

The WDMCSF Student Support program works closely with the school district to identify needs and assist in meeting those needs of students in families whom struggle financially.

Within the WDMCS, 1 out of every 3 students lives in poverty.  That is nearly 3,000 students and their families who struggle financially.  The Tiger Experience is sometimes out of reach for these students.  For example, these students and families may be in need gas money to attend a game or go to practice.  These families may not have the funds to cover the student costs of performing arts activities.  These students may be extremely talented and have so much to offer, but are limited because of the lack of necessary funds.   These families likely are friends of your children, live next door, or may even serve on a committee with you, but you would never guess that they face financial difficulties. 

Please, donate to the WDMCSF Student Support program and help build the Tiger Experience for a student in need.


Donate now and designate funds to Student Support.