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April 2020

Dear WDMCS Families and Community Supporters,

One thing we have learned (quickly) from COVID-19 is the importance of technology and food security within a community!

On March 12, the West Des Moines Community Schools (WDMCS) sent 9,000 students out the door for Spring Break. In a matter of days, the world we knew turned upside down in response to COVID-19. School districts throughout the nation, including the WDMCS, were forced to shift overnight to online learning for K-12 students. Many parents are now working from home, while juggling childcare, and helping school-aged children with assignments and managing emotions of loss. These are the lucky ones.

The hard reality is that many parents are now out of work, with no access to WIFI for distance learning and food is scarce. Quite suddenly, a student’s world becomes small and lonely.

In the WDMCS, 10 percent of students do not have access to WIFI at home and last week the new Grab ‘n Go Meals program prepared more than 10,000 meals for students in the district. More than 30 percent of WDMCS students qualify for the Free and Reduced School Lunch Program. These students (and their families) need our support.

Please consider a donation to an all-district fundraiser sponsored by the West Des Moines Community Schools FOUNDATION. All funds raised will go directly toward two goals: 

  1. Technology – Funds allocated here will help families obtain access to WIFI and support the District’s online continuous learning needs.
  2. Food Security – Distributing 10,000+ meals per week requires different food purchases and drivers. We believe these numbers will continue to rise.

Donating is easy and can be done online (use DONATE NOW button above). Please select your preference from the dropdown – COVID-Tech or COVID-Food. Or donate to both! 

If you prefer to send a check, please send to: WDMCS Foundation, 3550 Mills Civic Pkwy, WDM, Iowa 50265 (write in the memo “tech”, “food” or “general.” )

Thank you for supporting our students and families. Together, we will come through this united! Stay safe and well. #tigerstrong


Tina Mowry Hadden, President
West Des Moines Community Schools Foundation